It is central to the Christian faith and to the family to have young people in church with the covenant people of God. It’s more important to be in a good church than to expect college to provide a surrogate role.

What will you find here? Not a list of do’s and don’t, the law. No, Covenant Reformed Church is all about the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Instead of harassing you with questions, ‘Have you met up with your accountability partner this week? Attended mandatory Bible study, focused hard on your spiritual formation?’ etc. etc. Covenant Reformed Church will harass you with grace.

We find no value in Christian pop-culture, rather than authenticity, it remains in a constant state of faux. You want to be counter cultural, want authenticity, its provided in the gospel and the great doctrines of our faith. We, therefore, focus on the church and her doctrines. We find truth in the ‘pattern of sound doctrine’ contained in our historic creeds and confessions. So we give you the authentic by immersing you in God’s Word and the history of "the faith once and for all delivered."

While in Missoula attending the University of Montana this fall, we invite you to come and attend our Lord’s Day services. In addition, we encourage community by offering our Thursday Night Study in Theology. Come check out this study as well as our WhiteHorse Inn Discussion Group that meets once a month at the Stone of Accord.  In addition, the Women's Fellowship meets once a month. 

Lastly, we promise you or your children one thing, we will give young people only what they need not what Christian pop culture advertises.