Located in the west-central portion of Montana, nestled in the heart of the Rockies, Missoula is a vibrant growing western city. Nicknamed the Garden City because its dense trees and lush green landscape. The US Census Bureau’s 2009 estimate has Missoula’s population at 68,876.  It is the 2nd largest city in Montana after Billings, and Missoula county with 108,623 boasts the 2nd largest county trailing Yellowstone.[1]

 It might just become the largest population in Montana, Betsy Cohen of the Missoulian states:

According to data from the last U.S. Census, Missoula’s population, including the 50-mile zone around the urban corridor, was 140,000, making it the second-largest community in the state after Billings, which was counted at 142,000.  When the 2010 census is completed and the data is released in 2012, Missoula’s population within the 50-mile zone will be around 160,000, making Missoula the largest community in the state.[2]

And why not, Missoula offers a rich culture and a beauty of its own.  Many flock here to live and experience this wonderful community.  In addition, it is home of the University of Montana.  It is a great school. Many students come here to study and watch the Griz beat up on their opponents.  As the principal city of the metropolitan area, it hosts two semi-pro teams, the Osprey, and the Phoenix.

According to Best Places report on religion only 30.54% of the people in Missoula affiliate with a religion, which is below the national average of 48.34%.  Only 14.75% are Protestant, which is below the national average of 22.43%.[3]

If these numbers hold then 85.25% of Missoulaians hold beliefs different from that of historic Christianity and concerning the historic reformed perspective are un-churched.  It is obvious that the field is ripe for the harvest and the population of the target area should be able to support Covenant Reformed Church. Please pray for this church and if you live in the area, you might want to consider a Protestant Reformed church. 


1 Missoula County Census over the years: 1970: 58,263; 1980: 76,016; 1990: 78,687; 2000: 95,802; 2009: 108,623.
2 http://missoulian.com/news/local/article_2bbc4546-eb70-11de-b164-001cc4c03286.html
3 Catholic10.86%; LDS 4.41%; Baptist 1.93%; Episcopalian 0.75%; Pentecostal 2.32%; Lutheran 3.92%; Methodist 0.72%; Presbyterian 0.92%; Other Christian4.19%; Jewish 0.19%; Eastern 0.10%