Systematic Theology

by Louis Berkhof

This volume is simply indispensable.  Louis Berkhof can put more theology in a paragraph than most people can put in an entire book.  Though dated, nothing yet has surpassed it.  Works well with Berkhof's History of Christian Doctrines. 

Calvin Institutes of the Christian Religion (2 Volume set)

by John Calvin

People always talk about Calvin, but how many actually read Calvin?  If you are Reformed and don't read or own Calvin, shame on you! 

Reformed Dogmatics: Prolegomena (Reformed Dogmatics)
by Herman Bavinck

Finally, Herman Bavinck's magisterial four-volume Gereformeerde Dogmatiek is being translated into English.  This is volume one, with two others listed below.  This is great stuff-even though it is a bit dated.  Wise, faithful to biblical text, and draws upon the wealth of our tradition.  This is worth owning and reading. I being Reformed basically because of this man.  

Reformed Dogmatics: Sin And Salvation in Christ (Reformed Dogmatics)
Reformed Dogmatics: God And Creation (Reformed Dogmatics)
by Herman Bavinck, John Bolt, John Vriend

See above 

Reformed Confessions Harmonized

While I advocate reading each of the Reformed confessions as a distinct document, it is valuable to see what they have in common and where they differ.  This volume is very helpful this regard. 

Institutes of Elenctic Theology
by Francis Turretin

The high-water mark of Reformed orthodoxy.  Glad to have this available.  Highly recommended.

Biblical Theology
by Geerhardus Vos

Vos made biblical theology the center of modern Reformed theological reflection.  This is a profound and important book.  Very helpful. 

Redemptive History and Biblical Interpretation: The Shorter Writings of Geerhardus Vos

by Geerhardus Vos, Richard B., Jr. Gaffin

Some of Vos' best work is found in this compilation of essays.  There is some great stuff here--especially his articles on covenant theology, Pauline eschatology and redemption. 

Covenant and Eschatology: The Divine Drama

by Michael Scott Horton, Micheal S. Horton

How do we as Reformed Christian engage in the theological enterprise in a post-modern world?  Michael offers a way forward which is thoroughly grounded in the past--historic covenant theology.  All young theologians and seminarians need to read this!

by Michael Scott Horton

Michael continues the theme of grounding our theology in covenant and eschatology.  Very important and ground-breaking stuff. 

by Michael Scott Horton

In this book, Michael responds to the New Perspectives on Paul (NPP) and Radical Orthodoxy  (RO). Michael's evaluation of the Sanders, Dunn, Wright approach to Paul is brilliant.  Michael argues that  NPP defenders fail to properly distinguish between covenants of works and covenants of grace.  Thus Sanders can't explain Paul, Dunn and Wright err by seeing Paul as more influenced by Second Temple Judaism than reacting against its errors.  

The Structure of Biblical Authority

by Meredith G. Kline

This is a profound and brilliant book.  This one and Kingdom Prologue are simply amazing.  This is the box-top to the puzzle--a metanarrative which actually makes sense!  Kline gets a bad rap from people who haven't taken the time to read him.  Kline is an ardent defender of inerrancy, the historicity of Adam, a covenant of works, and justification via imputed righteousness.  

The Imputation of Adam's Sin

by John Murray

Though quite dated and not easy to read, this is still an important book, about a fundamental doctrine of the Christian faith.  Highly recommended.