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Archives for November 2013

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How Should Christians Approach Film?

Christians watch films, just like with books, to learn more about the human condition. Film does open up many interesting and difficult issues, which requires Christians to be particularly wise and discerning as they watch movies, TV shows, and other film genres. ...

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What is the Church?

Learn a definition of the church in four minutes. ...

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Nominalism and the Reformation

Luther found that by grace we are what we are in justification, declared right by an alien righteousness, that is God does not justify us because we are worthy, but by Christ who is supremely worthy. Jesus Christ hides our sin with his glory, he covers our disobedience by his obedience, and shadows our death with his death that the wrath of God can never find us. This is t...

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How Should Christians Approach Literature?

In approaching literature, Christians can look for books that accurately capture and display the human condition in all its innumerable facets. ...

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