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Post Category: A Theology on Worship

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The Perfect Worshipper

A Perfect Worshipper saved us so that we can worship God in spirit and truth....

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The Worshipper Becomes the Worshipped

Man in his fallen condition seeks to worship himself in many different ways rather than worship his Creator....

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Man: Created to Worship

Man was created to worship God. Adam was set up on this earth to serve God by exercising dominion over creation. ...

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Acceptable Worship

Scripture commands that we worship in a way that is acceptable. This podcast explains how worship is acceptable. ...

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The Holy Day of Worship

What you win them with, is what you win them to. In church it may be biblical, holy things, or it may be common or profane things. Listen to this podcast to see how a proper observation of the Sabbath should inform the way we think and act in worship. ...

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The Purpose of the Church

What is the task of the church? Is it evangelism? Is it assimilation? Is there more? Yes! Find out on this show. ...

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The Church and the World

When the church ignores its call to holiness it pursues worldliness. Listen and learn how the church should be otherworldly. ...

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