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Why Know History?

Because Scripture needs the involvement of the church from all times and places. ...

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Biblical Movies, Why Not!

Can you really see the gospel? ...

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Underdog Theology You Should Know

Want to be countercultural? Do you feel like an outsider? Good, then this is the place for you. ...

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How to Raise a Heretic

Want to raise a heretic? Then this show is for you. If you want to raise an orthodox Christian this podcast is for you too. ...

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Faustus Socinus

What is a heretic? How, when, and why should someone be labeled a heretic? ...

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Synod of Dort

What should the church do when faced with theological error? Find out in today's podcast live from 1618:)...

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Jacob Arminius

Learn about the spiritual grandfather of today's evangelical movement....

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Calvin's "Institutes of Christian Religion"

Dan and Jared discuss one of the most important works of Christian history and theology. ...

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You Should Know Martin Luther part 1

Will the real Martin Luther please stand up. There are as many Martin Luthers as there are people who speak of him. Listen to this podcast to hear about the man in his context. Learn the world that helped shape his ideas. ...

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You Should Know Martin Luther Part 2

At a time when the old church sold grace like a commodity, a german monk stood against this exploitation and became a national hero. ...

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You Should Know Martin Luther (Part 3)

On the explosion of the Protestant church, Luther once wrote, "While I slept and drank Wittenberg beer… the word did everything." ...

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You Should Know John Calvin

We turn now to what has been called the Second Generation of Reformers. The First Generation includes Luther, Melanchthon, Zwingli, Bucer, Oecolampadius, et al, who blazed the trail out of the Roman Catholic Church. The Second Generation follows the path and takes it further away from Rome. During this period, beginning in the 1530s, we see the institutional structures of ...

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You Should Know Zwingli

Is your church controlled by God's Word only? Why do you do what you do in worship? Is it because God's Word control's your liturgy, the order of the church, or something else? Today's show covers this topic and more with a discussion on Ulrich Zwingli. ...

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