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Perfection or Surrender: A Discussion on the Covenant of Grace Part 1

Evangelicals say often, "God does not want your perfection but your surrender." This, however, begs the question, "Is it perfect surrender or less than?"...

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Obey, Submit, Esteem

What do you do with the commands of Scripture to obey, submit, and esteem the officers in the church. ...

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Recognize the Real

Find out why so many youth are leaving the church. ...

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How to Keep Your Church from Heresy?

Is there oversight in your church? Are you protected from any potential tyranny? ...

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Singleness and Marriage: A Christian Perspective

How should we view singleness and marriage? They are both blessed states to be in, and we need much wisdom in these situations....

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The Pactum Salutis and the Benefits of Salvation

Why does anyone need Christianity? What are the benefits of the faith? The answer is found in the pactum salutis. ...

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The Perfect Worshipper

A Perfect Worshipper saved us so that we can worship God in spirit and truth....

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You Need An Eternal Theology (Pactum Salutis)

We need a biblical theology that begins before redemptive history. ...

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The Gospel is More than the Cross

There is more to the gospel than Jesus dying for our sins. This is necessary and wonderful, but there is something else which is equally beautiful and important. ...

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What is the Covenant of Works? A Mature Reading of Scripture

if Christ appeared out of nowhere on holy week to die for sinners, would that be enough to save you? Is Christ's life before the cross important for salvation? ...

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