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The Worshipper Becomes the Worshipped

Man in his fallen condition seeks to worship himself in many different ways rather than worship his Creator....

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Imago Dei: We are a Community

Community is a hot topic word in church today. Churches are doing everything to build this community. Today's podcasts answers why. The proverb "It takes a village," takes wisdom from the imago dei. ...

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Man: Created to Worship

Man was created to worship God. Adam was set up on this earth to serve God by exercising dominion over creation. ...

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Imago Dei: We are Not Animals

Though we share the same ontological qualities, we are not animals. No, we are image bearers. ...

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Why Know History?

Because Scripture needs the involvement of the church from all times and places. ...

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Biblical Movies, Why Not!

Can you really see the gospel? ...

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The Doctrines of Grace, Part Five: The Perseverance of the Saints Unto Glory

The perseverance of the saints is the vital capstone upon the Doctrines of Grace....

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Underdog Theology You Should Know

Want to be countercultural? Do you feel like an outsider? Good, then this is the place for you. ...

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How to Raise a Heretic

Want to raise a heretic? Then this show is for you. If you want to raise an orthodox Christian this podcast is for you too. ...

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Faustus Socinus

What is a heretic? How, when, and why should someone be labeled a heretic? ...

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