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How Should Christians Approach Works of Culture?

In approaching works of culture, we seek to think about and contemplate the world which God has created and all the good things in it which witness to His works of creation, providence, and redemption...

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Acceptable Worship

Scripture commands that we worship in a way that is acceptable. This podcast explains how worship is acceptable. ...

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Pastor Jared continues to make his way through the alphabet of theological words. This quick video defines the word canon. Why did only sixty-six books make it into our English Bible? This video explains why. ...

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The Authority of the Late Medieval Church

The late medieval church was held together by a papacy with absolute power. This old church reminds us to beware of any church government that places all authority in one man’s hands, no matter how brilliant or charismatic he may be. ...

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Why Did God Permit Evil?

The problem of evil is difficult to face, but God has permitted it for His glory. Because He is perfect, holy, and righteous, God has a good reason to allow evil - and this is shown most poignantly in His redemptive work in history....

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The Holy Day of Worship

What you win them with, is what you win them to. In church it may be biblical, holy things, or it may be common or profane things. Listen to this podcast to see how a proper observation of the Sabbath should inform the way we think and act in worship. ...

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What is the Bible?

Watch this short video to learn exactly what the Bible is and what it is all about. ...

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Transubstantiation & Purgatory

The doctrine of transubstantiation of the Eucharist came to prominence in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Using the language of Greek philosopher Aristotle Medieval Scholastics formulated the doctrine, and Christ’s body and blood became present in the Mass. He came not only to those present, but also for those in Purgatory. Receiving its name in the twelfth cent...

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The Purpose of the Church

What is the task of the church? Is it evangelism? Is it assimilation? Is there more? Yes! Find out on this show. ...

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How does God govern?

God rules over this world, even though there is incredible suffering, confusion, and evil in it. His plan is to glorify Himself, and He perfectly accomplishes this as He governs both this world and His Church....

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