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Theological Words You Should Know: Atonement

Watch this short video to learn a biblical definition of the word atonement. ...

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The Church and the World

When the church ignores its call to holiness it pursues worldliness. Listen and learn how the church should be otherworldly. ...

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The Medieval Origin of the Mass

No historical event falls out of the sky. This is true for theology. This show explains the mass in all its late medieval glory. ...

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A Pilgrim People in a Paradoxical World

How shall we live in a world that has so much beauty and yet is filled with so much filthiness and evil? As Christians, we recognize the providential and preserving hand of God upon this world and yet look forward to the perfect world to come....

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Common Grace

Common grace is a doctrine which explains why unbelievers can do many good things and why the world has not fallen into utter chaos. It is God's benevolent preservation of the world, which paves the way for special grace and the work of the Gospel....

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The Role of General Revelation

General revelation is what God reveals about Himself through nature and through the human conscience. It shows us much about the power and wisdom of God, but is ultimately insufficient to place humans in relationship with Him or save them from their sins....

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The Providence of God

What is the providence of God? How should we view it, and how does it relate to the Gospel?...

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The Truthfulness of Scripture

Can you trust the Bible? Learn why from today's show. ...

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The Doctrine of Inspiration

Learn that God's Word is a Divine Product, God's very breath for our life in Christ. ...

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The Bible

Learn about the church's authority. ...

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