Sunday is “the Lord’s Day.” Because Jesus rose on the first day of the week it is not a day for sorrow but for celebration; it is not a day for weeping but for rejoicing (Neh. 8:9–12). As a church, we set this day apart for God’s glory and our good. In the morning Divine Service we focus on preaching through the Bible book-by-book.  Afterwards we focus on the essential truths of our faith in our catechism classes.

We are a mission church plant of the URC to proclaim the free grace of Jesus Christ as found in the Word of God and confessed by the creeds of the ancient Christian church and confessions of the Protestant Reformation.  

We invite you to explore what a Reformed Christian church is all about. Please read all the valuble content we supply on this sight to familirize yourself with a biblical protestant church. Feel free to ask us any questions, we love to talk about our faith. Participate in our Divine Service every Lord’s Day. If you would like to learn more, please see Jared Beaird, contact him by phone (406.203.2515), or email (