Worship the Trinity, Love Our Neighbors, Preach the Gospel


As a church, we carefully seek to create a culture that is: 

  • Welcoming to others | We love outsiders and welcome you to come worship our God with us and to share life together. 
  • Rooted in history | We love our past, not because we are stuck in the past, but because we are stuck in the truth and a faith that has been once and for all delivered.
  • Hopeful about the future | We trust that God’s kingdom is at work in and around us. So we are hopeful about the church and our lives.
  • Serving our neighbors  | We want to serve all those in need, not because we want something from our neighbors, but because we love all those made in the image of God. We don’t serve to get, but to give. 
  • Faithful to God’s word | We are shaped and directed by God’s word alone.

A church not for ourselves but also for you!