The Reformed Gentleman is a model of masculinity.

Reformed, he is first and foremost a theologian of the cross. In humility, he is canonic, catholic, liturgical, and prayerful. As a churchman he is confessional.

As a Gentleman, he loves the Word of God and natural law. He desires wisdom, politeness, etiquette, beauty, and goodness. He is a lifelong student of virtue. He values discipline and the rule of law. He is strong but soft. He is hard but good. He protects and he is not alone.

The Reformed Gentleman distinguishes God’s work in the civil or cultural realm from his work in the spiritual kingdom. Following the early Reformed fathers, he believes the former is grounded in the creation order. God is the Creator and Sustainer with whom creation interacts and to whom it is responsible. It is thus not neutral but under God’s moral law. It is also a temporary kingdom, as opposed to the spiritual kingdom, where God is the Redeemer and to whom the church is responsible to worship and obey. The Reformed Gentleman actively participates in the church and his community, where he exists to glorify God and enjoy him forever.

The Reformed Gentleman is a community of men.

It is what Aristotle called the “friendship of virtue.” We are a group of men who study and train together. We are committed to spiritual, mental, and physical strength. Together we protect our homes, church, and neighbors. Together we raise the next generation of Reformed Gentlemen. Together we hold each other up. Together we become the men the Lord wants us to be, godly, good, loving, and strong.

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