Theology You Should Know is a biweekly podcast that discusses transcendent theology for everyday life. We present a theology that is transcendent and immanent, deep and accessible, eternal and practical. Everyone has a theology. The question is: Is your theology Biblical?

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Will the Real Martin Luther Please Stand Up (just read him).

Martin Luther is perhaps the most popular figure of theological study, outside secondary literature on the life of Jesus Christ. As the foundational character of Protestantism, to control Luther is to control the reformation. For this reason, reconstructionist have done their best to create a Luther after their own theological image. Today it seems the Luther of faith gove...

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What is the Church?

Learn a definition of the church in four minutes. ...

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Pastor Jared continues to make his way through the alphabet of theological words. This quick video defines the word canon. Why did only sixty-six books make it into our English Bible? This video explains why. ...

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The Holy Day of Worship

What you win them with, is what you win them to. In church it may be biblical, holy things, or it may be common or profane things. Listen to this podcast to see how a proper observation of the Sabbath should inform the way we think and act in worship. ...

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What is the Bible?

Watch this short video to learn exactly what the Bible is and what it is all about. ...

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The Purpose of the Church

What is the task of the church? Is it evangelism? Is it assimilation? Is there more? Yes! Find out on this show. ...

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Theological Words You Should Know: Atonement

Watch this short video to learn a biblical definition of the word atonement. ...

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The Church and the World

When the church ignores its call to holiness it pursues worldliness. Listen and learn how the church should be otherworldly. ...

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The Truthfulness of Scripture

Can you trust the Bible? Learn why from today's show. ...

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The Doctrine of Inspiration

Learn that God's Word is a Divine Product, God's very breath for our life in Christ. ...

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The Bible

Learn about the church's authority. ...

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